Machine elves (also known as fractal elves, self-transforming elf machines or"Jenny") is a term coined by the late ethnobotanist, writer and philosopher Terence McKenna to describe the apparent entities that are often reported by individuals using tryptamine-based psychedelic drugs, especially DMT . Overview. References to such encounters can be found in many cultures.

The term machine elf was coined by ethnobotanist Terence McKenna for the entities he encountered in DMT "hyperspace", also using terms like fractal elves, or self-transforming machine elves. [19] [20] McKenna first encountered the "machine elves" after smoking DMT in.

Machine elves are frequently portrayed in trip reports as benevolent, playful, prankish, and sometimes ornery. Generally, they’re reported to greet the visitors with a child-like curiosity and innocence, often continuously changing form and singing immensely complicated objects into.

Machine elves are hyper-dimesional sentient beings that love to play with whomever they can play with in their realm. If you as a human being decide to enter their realm, they will most likely want to play with you. If you carry with you tons of personal identity.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" We Dream of Machine Elves (TV Episode 2019) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

Machine elves are spiritual beings that were coined by Terrence McKenna to describe the entities that someone encounters during a DMT trip. When someone embarks on a DMT trip, life as we know it ceases to exist. The brain is flooded by what many people call “the spirit molecule”,

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Terence McKenna – Wikipedia – Machine elves. McKenna spoke of hallucinations while on DMT in which he claims to have met intelligent entities he described as, "self-transforming machine elves". "Stoned ape" theory of human evolution. In his book Food of the Gods, McKenna proposed that.

A quick look at visionary art tells us many people did. It is important, I think, to be aware that at least half of what happens in any psychedelic trip is a projection of our mind. Terrence McKenna described these entities as elf machines bec.

The machine elves hold a variety of forms due to the highly advanced technology they have. They can choose to look “biological”, they can choose to look “mechanical”. They can shift genders and sexes if desired with no altercations or inconsistencies. They can be a sentient teddy bear if they even wanted.

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Many People On Psychedelics Seem To Encounter ‘Machine.

– Upon entry the machine Elves are usually with me in a room working on the spiritual template of my physical organism. The primary goal is always the gradual rolling back of amnesia to reveal full spectrum consciousness without the dis-integrating result of Reichs schizophrenic split.They teach the methods of communication and movement and the definition of freedom as time, space.

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Machine Elves – Primus Facies EP by Knobs and Keys Music label, released 05 June 2020 1. Hyper Awareness 2. Psyonara 3. Master Blaster 4. Radarku Combardo Machine Elves are well known of making objects with their voices, singing structures into existence ! They offer things to you, saying "Look at this! Look at this!" and as your attention goes towards these objects you realise that.

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26.11.2019  · Machine Elves May Exist In A Separate Dimension, And Speak In Fabergé Eggs Some people who use DMT claim the drug takes them to another dimension . Ethnobotanist Terrance McKenna noted reality itself is layered with all sorts of dimensions, and DMT simply allows its user to see some of them.